How to treat vertigo

How to treat vertigo

In many cases, vertigo can heal by itself. However, to avoid undesirable conditions, do repeated checks. Especially if vertigo occurs repeatedly. Several types of drugs that can be prescribed by doctors to treat vertigo, include:

  • Antihistamines, such as betahistine;
  • Benzodiazepines, such as diazepam and lorazepam;
  • Anti-emetic drugs, such as metoclopramide.

In addition, a way to relieve symptoms of vertigo, you can do other things, for example:

  • Lie down for a moment in a quiet, dark room to relieve the spinning dizziness;
  • Avoid sudden movements;
  • Sitting during vertigo recurrence;
  • Avoid using gadgets, watching television, or turning on too bright lights;
  • If vertigo recurs when you are lying down, then try sitting and not moving your body.

Are there Vertogo Prevention Steps?

The reason could be due to many conditions, so prevention must be adjusted to risk factors. Several attempts were made to prevent worsening or recurrence of vertigo, including:

  • Move your head slowly and carefully when doing activities;
  • Turn on the lights when you wake up accidentally at night;
  • Sit immediately if vertigo appears;
  • Sleep with your head slightly raised or higher;
  • Be sure to sit down for a while before getting out of bed, especially after waking up;
  • Be calm when symptoms recur, because the anxiety that arises can worsen it;
  • Try to squat down and avoid bending down, especially when taking items on the floor;
  • Avoid stretching your neck, for example when you want to see something through a high gap.